September is packed with astral news. Two Eclipses. A Solar Eclipse in September 1st in Virgo and Lunar Eclipse on 16th September in Pisces. Great opportunity to look at the past and the future. We feel strongly the Lunar Eclipse. Mars will suffer pressure and there is a warrior energy " />

Great opportunity – Your stars for September 2016

September is packed with astral news. Two Eclipses. A Solar Eclipse in September 1st in Virgo and Lunar Eclipse on 16th September in Pisces. Great opportunity to look at the past and the future. We feel strongly the Lunar Eclipse. Mars will suffer pressure and there is a warrior energy to be controlled. As election campaigns will have heated debates. With the pressure on Mars and Saturn, we will see candidates who incite violence to consolidate their campaigns. Some locations will be set on fire in contention for the population to rethink the electoral choices. It is a dangerous strategy, but it will work. Countries will fight for better investment rates across the planet. It’s the gold rush. Who pays more, will take the investors. September, October and November of 2016 will mark a period for good partnerships. In all countries, companies will merge. The competition will be lower because producers will join together holding prices on the same level. Jupiter will enter into Libra on the 10th and it is a magical moment that will mitigate the confrontations. Economic and political alliances are made and will continue until October, 2017. We entered a harmonic cycle and overall relations will benefit. Diplomacy, Justice and Democracy being defended again. After a intransigence stage, everyone wants to ally with someone or an idea. It is important to be part of a group so we can discuss thoughts and find solutions. This time Jupiter collaborates with personal relationships. Love, marriage and partnership go through good time. People will get married and open their hearts to dialogue.
Couples living in war may find a solution to a favorable separation or to return to the relationship, seeking to improve communication and the art of seduction by words. Partners who had their relationship shaken find a compromise in court. Everything is beautiful, and valued again. A relief for architects, decorators and designers from various segments. These professionals are called to create harmony. Beauty, beauty products and fashion also undergo upgrading. Fashion, art and luxury again have power in the markets. It’s time to address issues that have been stalled since August 2015. Seek agreements and fair negotiations. Recipient countries until October, 2017 are Argentina, Canada, Japan, Monaco, China, Nigeria, Armenia, Spain, Libya and Austria. Capitals on the spot light in this phase are Copenhagen, Vienna, Johannesburg and Lisbon. Paris may feel some relief when Jupiter leaves the sign of Virgo, on 10th September.

The most sensitive places for Eclipses are Germany, Denmark, England and Poland. Poland deserves a close look of the intelligence agencies. Washington DC is the most vulnerable for violence during September. As Mercury is retrograde, make copies of your electronic files and be patient with cars and computers. Banks and government organs should intensify their anti-virus, or they will be invaded. Knowing this, prepare your strategy to minimize risks and losses in this sector. Drive more carefully and take good care of your Smartphone. NAMASTE



Changes in routine and work. Mars suffers various pressures from the first Eclipse and your career goes through more changes. It may be a change of position in the same company, but surely you will end in September in a new chair. Organize a good diet and relaxation moments to circumvent the ferocity of Mars. Don’t be carried away by the turmoil. If you can, travel. It will be the perfect outlet to break this cycle. The Second Eclipse affects your spiritual choices and beliefs. Dealing with the past, with themes that were and their union with the Divine will be challenges for the semester. A crisis of faith is normal after turbulent times, but may be the way to find inner answers. The best way to September is a linked to charity activity. By donating something you know, knowledge or your time, you open the door to this connection to the I and choose the direction for the next 6 months. Travel, connecting to your principles and accept the confrontation with Mars in your month.



The career is the highest point of your month. A new job or a promotion within the same company can occur with the Solar Eclipse. It is a unique opportunity to realize dreams that you bring from March. Your vocation can awaken and studies collaborate to improve their achievement. The family goes through problems. Can be emotional dramas or health problems that you have to work around. Patience is the way to deal with people suffering harm. The Lunar Eclipse shakes his social group. A change in the group of friends or disillusionment with your friends. Some leave for others to arrive. Large organizations that you are involved in can be modified. Union companies, dissolution of companies or trade marks are part of your month. You just watch and that is when you can be relocated to office. Stay tuned! Cars, electronics and smartphones suffer from the Eclipses. Drive carefully. His health remains unchanged and love in a neutral phase.



You are affected radically by the First Eclipse. Stay tuned! Your communication needs to be clear and thorough. Reread contracts and emails. Do not send messages. Make sure that the information was understood by all. His professional life undergoes changes. It may be a new place of work, a promotion or an invitation to lead a new project. Something new comes in this sector and is a good opportunity. Do not fear change. Jupiter brings new opportunities in love and creativity. But the Eclipse of the 16th affects your House. Your home, your family and the family’s female figures. Get ready to deal with problems in plumbing, electrical wires and computers. It is a test that lasts all month. Keep the patience, drive carefully and avoid any risky activity. When the home is vulnerable, we must look at the structure of the house and also for the children, the elderly and animals. You only feel tranquil after the 22nd. As the stress is part of this clutter, look closer to the nature.



The Solar Eclipse shakesyour communication. You can modify how you speak, write or you may strive to be better understood. The home and family receive more attention. Maybe you don’tt worry so much about the career in the first half of the month. Improving communication is the strong point of the Solar Eclipse. During the Lunar Eclipse you transform yourself. Modifies the look, how you act and dress. It is a new self. The career undergoes changes and they are positive. You are also reborn in this sector. A new path can be followed in the professional field with success for the entire semester. New studies come into your life and contacts with foreigners may occur.Your quest for knowledge increases and is the opportunity to connect work and study. Watch your electronics and cars. Drive carefully and keep your files updated because you might lose various data by virus attacks. Stable health during the month.



You feel strongly the first Eclipse. Your health may be shaken, but the recovery is quick. The September challenge is dealing with money. Your budget should be reviewed and you can change the way you make money. This does not always mean a radical change in the work, but the entry of a new role with new gains. Arrange to get better yields. The Lunar Eclipse has emotional impact. You can live situations that resemble the loss of a loved one or being around someone who lives this situation. Dealing with the loss of people and the energy transformation it brings, makes you rethink all your values and question your beliefs and faith. The understanding of death may be difficult for you, as an active sign that is always in charge. This is the great experience of the next 6 months. Understand the impermanence of being and the existence is delicate and intense. This transmutation of energy will make you look more compassion for the situations. It is an internal transformation.



The Solar Eclipse revolutionizes your life and occurs in your sign. It is the awakening of a new Me or a new way to position in society. Themes that stood since March are faced with courage. You abandon what does not generate fruits and part to new paths. The way you put yourself before the other signs is quite determined and it wears on your physical body. Some Virgos need rest to offset the loss of energy. Remember that the changes that you do not now, will come as imposition in half. Best that all occurs in your hands and at your own pace. The lunar eclipse is smoother. The tests take place in relationships and love. What is well structured remains unshaken and what needs adjustments, will suffer from the Eclipse instabilities. Friends can also go out of your lives and new ones will come. The workplace can go through turbulence after the 16th and all electronics must have backup and several updated antivirus. The electronics are the vulnerable spot of this Eclipse.



You don’t feel the first Eclipse so strongly. It is a jolt in your Spiritual life and its themes of the past. Your relationships and friendships can be tested, but his gaze is more intense on how you deal with people. You want to measure exactly who is part of your past and will have space for your future. A sense of charity comes with force this month and you can combine a group, in defense of a cause. The Second Eclipse affects your daily live in many ways. A change in job, a new career opportunity and change of routine for problems caused by relatives. The problems do not occur specifically with you, but affect your schedule. If there is turbulence in the workplace or in the family, try to find space to reorganize their health and nutrition. In these phases, we often think more about others and then reap complicated fruits in our body. Review your food, the way you organize your work and your time. Include moments of rest.



Social changes in September! The Solar Eclipse affects your friendship and large groups house. You can break old friendships and meet new people. At work you can be led to a new industry and have to deal with strangers. It is part of the cycle changes on Mars that brings 6 months of new career. Accept the new challenges and understand that people are aligned to your new vibration, so there is this great exchange in your community. Lunar Eclipse changes come with the children and their new ideas. They run this semester. If you do not have children, adopt a more creative life and will change the way you entertain yourself. Love goes very well after the second Eclipse and it is a great opportunity for singles. Some novels can occur at work or school life, so open your eyes to new friends who arrived at the Solar Eclipse. Note that you change your beliefs and there may be religious change. It is the opening of new spiritual paths for you.



Another Eclipse shakes your professional life. Get ready for new adventures in this sector and pack your bags. There are new places to visit and changes in work open these doors. Whether inside or outside the country, you have several roads to go. This is a gift for you, but your body will complain after the first Eclipse. Organize moments of rest and try to live one day at a time, since the changes are for the next 6 months. Rest and avoid stress peaks. The Second Eclipse affects your home. It may be the home like property or those who live in it. Old men in the family need more attention, as Mars and Saturn are pressed on Eclipses. Problems with the property may occur and you should be optimistic to bypass pipes, electrical wires and showers. Pay attention to the elderly, children and animals living in the house. A complete change can occur in those 6 months and you can even change the residence. Travel and changes are always welcome in your routine. If you plan to move, start boxing.



Your month will be shaken by the Solar Eclipse. It is a test of your faith. Some problems can occur in the family and you will be the support for the resolution. Your personal concepts change so that the Eclipse can and a new path to be traced in any area of your life. It may be a change in career, studies or everyday life. Surely you see the world through different eyes. The Lunar Eclipse changes its communication and electronics are the weak point. Attention to mobile phones, cars and computers, note if your warnings were read and your messages actually reached the right place. Communication with family members should be your goal because it seems thats all you need. Relationships that are well structured remain. Those who were already in disarray, may collapse. It is an excellent stage for professional life. New projects appear and you can dive ahead. While your home and relationships suffer with the Eclipses, your profession gains momentum. It’s a fair compensation that the planets do with you.



The first Eclipse brings important changes. You will be required to understand life, death and rebirth. It could be someone in your group who departs or a friend whom you help. This proximity to the loss brings an opportunity to rethink your values for the next 6 months. It is important to reflect on the issues that arrive in your group of friends or family. The Second Eclipse tightens the budget. You retrace the math and realize that something must be changed urgently to your routine. They are unnecessary expenses that should have been cut, but now there is no choice. You have to raise the priorities and eliminate what is misfit. Do this with confidence because there are 6 months to adjust the accounts. You modify your choices and increases your interest in other cultures and other people. This is where a well scheduled trip brings joy and regains your strength. Modify spendings to get to know other people is a motivating challenge. Immerse yourself in this idea.



The Solar Eclipse shakes your life. You feel the need to change the way it treats your body. Diet, Detox, massage and good treatment to the body will be needed because your gut will sound the alarm for excess toxins. On the 22nd the health impact is great and you should stand and change the way you show yourself to the world. Some desires projected in March, will happen now. All occur at the same time so manage your daily lives and health. The Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign. Your creativity goes through more changes and it affects your career. You can continue on the same path, but you’ll see new horizons with wide eyes. It is positive to redirect your professional aspirations. Again, friends in and out of your life. Loves go through great trials and finances are going well, with chance for changes. Avoid spending lots between 19th and 28th of September because there is a financial paralysis. Then everything returns to flow. You will be someone else after the 2 Eclipses.


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Horoscope September 2016
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