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May 2016 by ClaudiaVannini

May has a more relaxed mood! Everything moves slowly but it’s still moving. On 06th the New Moon is in Taurus. The issue is financial. Evaluate how have you used your money and reorganize your life. Pay debts and invest in solid assets such as real estate, gold or investment funds with real guarantees. Complete the expansion cycle until the 20th and between 21st and 28th reap the rewards. On May 21st there are good opportunities for overseas contracts or companies that come here to negotiate. Enjoy! The most important days of this month are 9 May and 13 May. On May 9, Jupiter returns to its direct movement. There is room to grow, expand and inflation should be observed with a watchful eye. Everything grows, including interest. Hence the importance of the New Moon in Taurus, when you prepare to pay off outstanding debts and prepare a plan for the month. When Jupiter goes back to its direct movement, you will embark on global growth. May 13 is perfect for communicating ideas and closing contracts. Mercury and Venus are in a great position. This facilitates trade and also successe in love. After May 29th, collect your belongings and stay only in the analysis of the Waning Moon. We have a month with renewed hopes and preparing for June, the month in which we will feel the revitalization of stagnant sectors. The worst of 2016 certainly has already passed. Be happy! NAMASTE


May is an important month for your financial life and your career, you have good opportunities from friends and networking. Any restructuring can be done in your home and in your emotional life until September 2016. It is a joyous time with creativity and a lot of physical energy. Enjoy the week between 7th and 14th to move and act towards your goals. Love goes well during the month, but is improved in the last week. Have a good time.


May will be the month to take care of body and personal image. You will be more concerned about your wardrobe and with the way you appear to society. You feel free and independent. You have support from planets on the element Earth to enlarge your income and romance. It is a prosperous month and you can be surprised with a new job proposition. Keep your financial reserves until day 19th and day 20th put them in motion. Use good communication.


Time to look at the past and do a full review of last year. You have enough vital energy and can reshape your entire body and the image you project for the society. It is a time to live life with pleasure. You realize that you are responsible for your own happiness and dive within yourself to seek the answers to their problems. Although the profession is not in the form you want, insist on your ideas. Some problems occur in love.


Excellent opportunity to realize your dreams. The financial life through the desired equilibrium. You may be surprised to join a new company or a group of friends suggests you for a new activity. There is coming financial growth. Between 7th and 14, analyze what are the jobs that really make your heart flutter. Your intuition is keen. Love is not the focus of the month, but health will be balanced. Enjoy this phase of achievements.


A very active month, several job opportunities and financial movement. The planets in the Earth element provide stability for you to organize your life. All this growth is positive but it burns your vital energy. Include rest times during your month to explore the most creative phase. After the 22nd, there will be more financial movement. Love is not the monthly theme and family members provide motivation for you to continue in action.


Great moment in your profession comes on 20th. You have good opportunities for new jobs. Your reputation will be the mark of financial growth. People close to give you financial support. Your 9th house is very active. This may indicate that you have good contacts with other countries or foreign companies, opening the door to international travel or studying in other countries. Love is not so important this month. After the 20th your health will be fragile.


You go through a good financial moment, because planets of the Earth element don’t let you get lost in thought. Life calls to reality and you are bound to face with courage and clarity what your true goals are. Between 7th and the 14 take a dive in itself. Your health is good but there are imbalances in the workplace. After day 20, everything returns to normal. Stay focused on your obligations, your career and avoid daydreaming.


There is financial improvement for you in May. After the 9th, you benefit from partnerships that bring money. They can come to you by institutions or group of friends. The monthly theme is love. You dive headfirst into the loving relationship and is carried away by emotions. Between 7th and 14th, step back a bit to renew your energy. You can exaggerate on the working dose. Control your enthusiasm and be happy in this good time.


Until the 20th, you can live problems in your relationships. It may require practicality, insight and analysis of details. This may upset you. In May, the earth element will be in your life and you will be pulled to the daily life and duties. If you find yourself angry and tired, try to bring more people to your group, so you can get your motivation back. Your health goes well until the 20. After that date the romance will flow again. Stay patient and confident.


May brings prosperity and financial growth. The planets in the Earth element act exactly in the sector of life you like the most: stability. Your health is improved a lot and you get to be more interested in other people and acts cooperatively. The grand trine that occurs on Earth element broadens your ideas, bringing career growth and people recognize your practicality. It is a month with a lot of creativity, fellowship and fun. Enjoy.


May is very important for you to strengthen your social contacts. Your career goes through expansion. Remember to evaluate all the opportunities that arise, as some may be good financially but complicated for your emotional health. You need a lot of emotional support and you’ll be interested in a love that gives you support. The challenge this month is to adapt to the needs of the group and the family. Try to find a balance.


Seeking perfection is your goal in May. You have professional growth and have to deal with career and family life, both will be expanded. Stress mistreats you until the 20th, you get involved in many projects and should fit moments of relaxation. Between 7th and the 14th, you may feel that your financial life is changing direction. It is part of your evolutionary process. Love is balanced and there is happiness during the month. The challenge is to have patience.

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