Garden of The Lycée Victor Duruy: Hermès Autumn/ Winter 2018

In an enchanting garden…

On March 3rd 2018, 44 women debuted the Hermès Autumn/Winter 2018 collection in Paris, France. Surrounded by buried colors of Autumn, the collection expressed the clean-cut, traditional trends for the seasons to come.

In a dream of never ending approaches, Hermès explains the twilight scene Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s collection is portraying, “being in this garden with the intimate knowledge of all its paths and deviating from them”.

The collection enables movement through stability, with thigh-high suede statement boots of red, blue, and piercing orange. High-rise slacks and leg baring skirts hug the models, with over-sized, plush and leather coats wrapped around their shoulders. High-neck asymmetrical dresses, blouses, and knitwear, layered underneath fabrics entail the craftsmanship of the collection. Details of chained hardware sling along the pieces, rendering depth and character. Clinging to sultry gloves of every length, Hermès shies away from the traditional styles of handbags and veers towards a more intricate style of arm wear. Subtle statement jewelry falls on the clothing and accentuates the collection.

The Hermès woman is a free spirit with confined, clean-cut style. Ready for action, this woman is bound for leisure activities, but has a determined mindset that she expresses through what she wears. Is this woman going to hop off of a saddle and strut into a business meeting? Yes.


The collection has a tone of freeness, with a concealed forefront, completing the curated series with a mysterious essence. Designing another fantastic collection, here are our favorite looks from Hermès Autumn/Winter 2018 show:












Credit: Hermès

Torrie Krantz
Torrie Krantz


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