Summer 2018 with Dior Homme

Dior’s summer 2018 collection not only unveils a new cast of Dior Homme characters but also represents Kris Van Assche’s (The artistic director) 10 year anniversary at the house. The selection celebrates craftsmanship fused with varsity elements that explore youth and young manhood. Campaign photographer David Sims uses red roses and their fallen petals against black and white portraits. The distinct cinematic colour against the black and white provokes almost what seems to be a nostalgic romanticism.

The campaign uses juxtaposing portraits throughout. The Pet Shop Boy’s Neil Tennat and Chris Lowe are shown next to the young American actor Charlie Plummer, who can be found amidst a host of new faces for the brand. The diverse cast embodies the season’s dynamic message with Tennant’s penchant for tailoring contrasting Lowe’s inclination towards the more casual. Plummer encapsulates the season’s formal twist in a Grain De Poudre “bar-jacket suit” with trainers and a Dior Homme ribbon tie whilst, the new faces model key silhouettes of wide trousers, sleeveless shirts and tailored shorts.


Dior Homme’s summer collection also showcases an exclusive collaboration with French artist Fraçois Bard, whose oil paintings feature on garments and accessories throughout.




Credit: Dior


Tian Savage
Tian Savage


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