The daily urban life stylishly wrapped around the wrist

Men’s bracelets have become an accessory with which to express personal style, identity and individuality. From day into night, from a business meeting to a live concert, from the office to the gym, the everyday explorer moves seamlessly from one experience to another, choosing versatile accessories to complement his look. Designed in a variety of materials from woven leather to stainless steel, the new Bracelets are a stylish yet functional way to give a formal look a more casual feel or to give a refined twist to leisure attire.

Inspired by the outdoors and active life, a woven bracelet evokes the thrill and adventure of mountain climbing with its modern carabiner closure, a snap lock partly brushed and partly matt-polished steel engraved with the snowcap and the Montblanc name. Just like two ropes, two slim straps in either black, grey or red woven leather, or with straps of woven steel, circle the wrist. The coloured leather designs add a playful touch to any look, while the woven steel design creates a more formal sophisticated allure.

Bold and masculine, a bracelet in woven printed brown leather with polished steel box makes a distinctive statement. The wide flat printed leather pattern contrasts with the matt-brushed stainless steel closing decorated with a Montblanc engraving. The ultimate in elegant simplicity, an open stainless steel bangle with a rounded silhouette firmly wraps itself around the wrist. The perfect complement to a tailored suit or a more casual blazer, the pure design is enhanced with en engraving of the signature 3-ring motif and the Montblanc name.

Each design in the new Bracelet collection allows the modern man to make his mark by expressing his own personality through his choice of accessory. Self-assured and always seeking to push boundaries, the everyday explorer sets out to reinvent business style, pairing his favourite suit with the unassuming sophistication of a Montblanc bracelet.

Montblanc Bracelet Collection ID 114989 EUR 220 KopieMontblanc Bracelet Collection ID 114990 EUR 190 KopieMontblanc Bracelet Collection ID 114988 EUR 190 KopieMontblanc Bracelet Colletion ID 114978 EUR 240 KopieMontblanc Bracelet Collection ID 114987 EUR 190 KopieMontblanc Bracelet Collection ID 114979 EUR 170 Kopie

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Jannik Paare

Founder & Editor-in-Chief/ Creative Director

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