October brings a positive mood change. It is Mercury's entry into Libra. As Jupiter is now in Libra, this double extends negotiations, agreements and partnerships. Across the planet there is a tendency to look for employees in the same area of operation. Nobody works alone. This reflect" />

Changes in the choices – Your stars for October 2016

October brings a positive mood change. It is Mercury’s entry into Libra. As Jupiter is now in Libra, this double extends negotiations, agreements and partnerships. Across the planet there is a tendency to look for employees in the same area of operation. Nobody works alone. This reflects the negotiations between countries. Discussions should be deep in search of points of agreement, as Saturn and Lunar Node form a Quadrature. This aspect hardens trade relations and, in some countries, we will see the option to walk individually.
This is a serious mistake, as the lonely will be more isolated and be unable to negotiate in long-term or stand on their own economies. There may be easing the Brexit, going against that first exclusive option. American elections will define itself . Candidates get closed in their views and don’t debate the issues with society. Another major strategic error. We are in the trading era. Who works well in Libra, talks, negotiates, facilitates and builds bridges achieves good results. Who gets closed in its truths  pays the price. This month we have strong collections in our lives. The Lunar Node refers to our obligations on the Planet. Saturn is the great collector of debts. Ideally fulfill your social and professional obligations before Saturn passes charging. There will always be the feeling that we do not get what we wanted or that the goals have been met by half. It is natural that Quadrature leave a feeling that something could have been better. Two subjects will be all month in our minds: Water reserves and North Korea.

The Full Moon in Aries, on 16th of October, brings opportunities for sudden changes in the choices. Everyone can find a new way of walking and there is an explosive and revolutionary tone for proximity to Uranus. We returned to the social confrontations that mark our planet since 2015. The greatest care should be on the 19th, when Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn and set opposite the Moon forming the favorable scenario for shocking events. It is an opportunity for all people to transform the way of acting or a sharp separation between parties who do not get together again until 2024. We can walk to the transformation or destruction. Countries that are great negotiators of peace must act with importance at this stage. It is a month with prosperity for those who accept changes. Those who cling to old concepts suffer most from the effects of the global economic crisis. Places benefited for business this month: United States, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, Uruguay, Greece, Turkey and Nicaragua.

Police officers are subject to conflicts in various parts of the Planet, especially among the 18th, 19th and 20th of October. Points of the Planet with a chance of major conflict: Washington DC, the United Kingdom, Haiti, India, Cuba, Angola and Bulgaria.

Claudia Vannini


A prosperous month after the 18th. Until then, open space organizing projects and paying old debts. When the news started to occur, you will feel the return of money and overwork. Your body needs care and the kidneys are vulnerable. Keep an eye open! Jupiter expands its professional and affective partnerships. A love can occur and be overpowering. Your sex life is more hectic and your body can ask for rest. Spiritually, you still live dramas from the Eclipse in September. You are reorganizing your beliefs and should let truths appear naturally. Your focus should be on looking for people who are aligned with their projects and with them, you can develop excellent work or build a new partnership. Trips are welcome, leisure or work.

A month with great financial opportunities. You grow at work and find space to join friendships and business. This may indicate a new partnership. Your personal life undergoes changes, especially among friends. Some show themselves unfaithful and it is time to reorganize the social cycle. Love goes through great time with a lot of sensuality and warm romance. Singles leave for a more aggressive approach and choose shrewdly a partner to match. The family lives good times and mutual aid makes your days happier. Close to the 18th, you feel the pressure that comes from work and affects your body. Improve your diet and pay attention to the colon. Health is balanced, but rest should be a habit that will keep your body healthy. The month is active and everything you need is available.

Last month’s Eclipse affects your professional life during this month. A new job may arise or where you current work involves uncertainties. Let time define the situation. The biggest challenge now is to nurture your social network. Your friends and work partners collaborate and guide your career path. You are not the main character this month. Pass the month as an adjunct, but do not so miss opportunities. Include in your routine the habit of sharing and give room for others to shine in your environment. You grow this month through other people and not just for your qualities. Your health improved a lot and the month is fun with new loves and lots of sensuality. Jupiter collaborates with your travels, adventures and expands your creativity in work and personal life.

Creativity and activities from home are benefited. Jupiter expands your family, be with the arrival of babies or financial favors. You see your thriving family group and grows with them. Those who work with investments and sales go through a great month. In general, all financial speculation brings return in October to your sign. A new job may appear and be related to children or services to them. Leisure and entertainment also generate money. Longer trips are not indicated. Your family can move to another country or city, but it will be done with the whole group. The weakness of the month is your health. You feel profound fatigue by 23rd and should include massages and rest. Love is for the married, in the privacy of the home. Singles do not risk much.

Leos had months of exhaustive effort. Now seek intellectual improvement. New ways to do your duties and smarter ways to reach prosperity. October is stable, with no major surprises, but the search for knowledge is essential for growth in the future. Balancing your home is the ultimate goal. With your house in order and the family in peace, you feel harmonized to work and conquer new territories in the future. Your emotions are fundamental to the work flow. Leisure, rest, diet and meditation are the foundation for you to have good ideas. Love goes through gathering and singles are less aggressive in achievements. Jupiter benefits sellers, well done marketing, advertisers, journalists, teachers, trainers and writers.

Health is in a good time, just keep the balance between work and rest. Love goes through a confused phase and Neptune asks that no decision be taken now. Marrying or separating this month is not suitable for you. You and your loved one go through a period when opinions differ. After the 17th, you turn to your career again. Risk new forms of entrepreneurship and make money. It is your style: seek perfection. What has to be changed, will be changed. You want the best and will search for it with good financial results. In addition to Jupiter’s help, you will have the Moon working with the financial sector. It’s a good time to move investments and property that generate profit. Buying and selling real estate can bring extra money, even if this is not your profession. Success after the 22nd.

You feel a great difficulty in expressing your feelings in October. Mars is in Capricorn. You can love intensely, but feel it’s cold in approach. There is not much to do in this sector. In finance, everything is already perfect. You have help Jupiter and in the last week, the sun warming your earnings. It’s prosperity, time to hone your talents and use the money intelligently to generate months of growth. Your mind is connected with everything that is new and transformative. Use this ability to take charge of your life and change your work or personal life. People will accept your ideas and see you as an intellectual guide. Take this momentary teacher of other signs function and help them to see a wide world. Balance the diet and live a month of prime health.

October promises financial and emotional growth. Finally, the stars look at you. Venus brings beauty, charm and sensuality. The doors open easily, since your brightness is exalted. After the 18th, Venus again collaborates and activates your finances. It’s time to find a new job or expand its operations. Enjoy between the 18th and 20th and invest in an interview for a new company. All the focus is on you and again, you will be called selfish. It does not affect you. Grow and take people with you. Then they will realize that you had a bigger plan. Spiritually, you will have strong insights and receive multiple messages through dreams and the astral unfolding. Do not fear. Take advantage of these trips to gather information. If you have children, protect them from risks. They are vulnerable. Optimal health.

Money comes easy for you, Sagittarian. Saturn is pressing this sector and you have good opportunities for employment and expansion of earnings. Circulating through new social groups and new institutions brings professional and personal benefits. The social life is important to maintain this status you get. Jupiter collaborates for release in December, so now is preparation time. You must arrange your life so that, at the time of decisions, nothing is late or disturb your way in search of knowledge and new projects. Studying is important these next two months. There is interest in spiritual studies, foreign languages and also the practice of new software to facilitate their work. Love goes through good phase and singles have new opportunities. Health asks only for balance.

Poor health in October, Capricorn. You feel exhausted, almost a marathon runner at the finish line. It’s time to take care of food, kidney and colon. Attention to diet and rest, so necessary this month. You gain power over and after the 22nd, feels that things are back to normal. Until then, you fight for professional growth, but receives only praise. There may be a promotion at work that does not result in wage increases. It is a test for your patience. A lot of responsibility and hours of hard work. Financially, it does not have the desired return. Still, your ethics and perseverance will be taken into account in the coming months. A good solution is take the focus off you and try to do something that benefits the large group. Philanthropy balances the sense of injustice.

October is conducive to study and travel. You are interested in new knowledge and is attracted by other countries. Foreign loves may occur. Your career is benefited. There is an increase of power and status. It looks like the mists that existed are dispelled and your professional life is back to having a goal. Your family also lives a good time and cooperation is mutual. The spousal support or family facilitates its growth. You must be attentive to detail because many events will occur discretely, taking it to the top without much scandal. These good opportunities can come through friends who have contacts abroad or through new studies that take up your routine. Despite the excess of work, you will have a fun month and your health will remain balanced.

Venus moves your professional life, especially after the 18th. Friends and colleagues will bring new proposals and challenges. It’s time to embrace the projects, even involving travel and change of country. The foreign sector calls your attention. Finances are warm, but you will find a way to change that, although you have to perform something that never did. Mars is shaking your means of making money. Professionals who work with you will realize your ability to speed up the process and avoid unnecessary spending. This was a lesson that you have learned since 2015. You learned to streamline the budget and now uses it for the benefit of the group. Your health is stable but the suggestion for a detox is still valid. Love remains the same, nothing very new because the focus is on career.

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

Image Credit: NASA

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