Burberry: A Collaboration By Adwoa Aboah and Juergen Teller

Burberry Re-defined:

Photographer Juergen Teller and model/activist Adwoa Aboah have recently curated a series of photos for Burberry. The photos are scheduled to fully release for the British fashion house as of 2018.

Juergen photographed Adwoa together with her friends and family, including her cousins Alfie Husband, George Husband, Richard Theodore-Aboah and Kwame N’Dow, as well as Montell Martin and Mae Muller along Regent’s Canal in North London.

The pictures contain clothing and accessories from the latest collections for January and February. All pieces from the collection are available as of the 26th of December.

This collection has taken the original and classic Burberry styles and stitched them with edgy, more daring details. Complete with neon hues of pink and yellow along side punk vibes. This collection is amazing and beautifully portrayed by Teller and Aboah.

Picture: ©Courtesy of Burberry/ Juergen Teller

Torrie Krantz
Torrie Krantz


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