A special month – your stars for March 2016

March, 2016

A special month with two Eclipses. One on the 8th of march in Pisces. It’s a moment to analyse the past, the last six months, and celebrate the accomplishments or eliminate what is out of place. Issues from the past may return for a final decision. On the 23rd of March there will be a lunar eclipse in Libra. This semester’s doors open and each sign will have to rethink an aspect of their life. Months with eclipses are turbulent and create some disturbance as change usually does. Considering everyone will be affected in some way during the next six months it’s best to make the changes slowly. Look at this moment as the opening doors to a new life. Little changes can have great effects in the future. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Namaste



Congratulations! March brings all sorts of excitement for you. The eclipse on the 08th brings a spiritual test. You’ll have to deal with the karmic house. Time to look at the past and see what is done and what have you learned. Pay special attention to your lungs, liver and bowels. The eclipse on the 23rd brings the opportunity of a new job and great alterations on your romantic relationship. Married arians must take good care of the children involved and protect them, including from little accidents. You have six months to reformulate your marriage or reorganize your partners. Do everything carefully and think before acting.



A month filled with energy. You are very well and feels the strength to further your career. Still you must take care of your kidneys, liver and neck. The eclipse of the 8th brings spiritual revaluation. You must rethink concepts and find your path in search of the Divine. Romance is at a good moment, specially if you both share the same interests. The Eclipse of the 23rd shakes your group of friends. It’s time to look into the future and realize which people will accompany you in the next six months. Some will stay behind, simply because they don’t belong in this new phase. Accept it and let them go, even if you feel betrayed. Forgive.



This month is filled with excitement. On the 8th you start to review your career. The company you are in could change completely and you with it, bringing new professional paths. Mercury makes the days go by faster. When you notice the month is already over. Include moments of rest and pay attention to your gallbladder, colon and bones in general. After the 23rd the 5th house, the one connected with creativity and children, must be closely watched for the next 6 month. A new cycle it’s closed so there may be rebirth in your life. All the family is involved in this new phase. You have 6 months, go slowly.



Educational and spiritual changes due to the eclipse on the 08th of March. Looking at the past you may analyse past choices and plan a new path in these two sectors. Avoid traveling during this phase, especially close to the 08th and pay attention to you stomach, gallbladder and breasts. The eclipse on the 23rd activates you home sector. You look at the future and plans moving houses or renovating the current one. You feel your function in the family must be clear and so you make new plans and strategies to be seen as you truly are. Here is an opportunity to change your look and the way you show yourself to the universe. Go easy and rest in the days of the eclipses.



You go through a lot of excitement during March. On the 8th, the eclipse confronts your concepts on live, death and rebirth. It may be the natural death cycle in the planet Earth or a metaphorical death of something you no longer desire. It’s time to review the semester. Time to open space for new things in life. In this phase pay attention to your heart, spine, gallbladder, colon and liver. On the 23rd you will go through the eclipse easily. Your focus will be communication and also the relationship with siblings. Look at your files and backup everything. Electronics may cause trouble, it’s ideal to keep a clear and honest communication but at the right dose. These are six months to reorganize the way you speak and is understood by people.



The eclipse of the 08th of March brings activity to your love life. Marriage is the theme of your analysis and you will lose a lot of vital energy in it. Rest as much as you can close to the 08th. Your health may succumb during this phase because of the impact of the decisions the Eclipse brings. Take care of your skin, bowls and muscles. Your prosperity cycle its active and the eclipse of the 23rd comes to cut people of your life or eliminate professional obligations that hinder your growth. This revolution will happen in your personal and professional life bringing a new you to the society. A stronger and more self assured you that will emerge until September of 2016.



You have financial growth on this turbulent March. Changes will happen in the workplace and this may bring you opportunities. Watch out for your heart, kidneys and feet. Drive carefully. The Eclipse on the 23rd happens in your sign. It’s a new you that emerges. Internal changes happen and you show that to the universe. A new look, change of work or local of study are manifestations of the internal turbulence that’s happening within you. Remember to give yourself the full six months that will take you to transform. Changing is always a blast of hope for a better life on earth.



Special moment on the 08th to look at the past and reavaluate your career and children. Your career may go through changes and your children must be protected, keep a special care to avoid car accidents. Drive slowly. Check your colon, gall bladder and sexual organs. The eclipse of the 23rd goes through your spiritual house. You have six months to rethink your beliefs, connect with the Divine and see death as a moment we all have to go through. Your sign is confronted with this theme, even if it comes through friends and not necessarily on your family. It’s a new look on life. Birth, growth and transmutation.



Your first test in March is in the Home and its structure. Reorganizing this sector it’s fundamental to keep going. Little repairs will be necessary and you must eliminate leakings and problems with plumbing. On the 23rd start the change by opening space for new things. Question what needs transformation and understand that every end is a beginning. It’s a great change and love must be reviewed this semester. Pay attention to your liver and kidneys. Both are a part of the disintoxication that the eclipse brings. Your career deserves an attentive look and new projects may be put in motion during this rebirth. Make your changes with calm during the whole semester.



Mars and Saturn shake up your month. You are called to ease the seriousness in life because you will have an encounter with death. This may happen in your family or in your social group. It’s a moment of profound reflection over the last six months and a cycle is ending. Its part of the natural order in this planet. The Eclipse of the 23rd comes with other perspectives, more peaceful perspectives. You may have new opportunities in the professional sector that can change your whole career. These are six months to reorganize this sector and create paths for the future. If you wish for a complete change of profession the semester is perfect for it. Pay attention to your shoulders, arms and bowls. Do everything calmly.



You will feel Mars pressure. The fighting impulse is heightened and you’ll be more aggressive. Drive carefully and take care of your stomach. Your spirituality is being tested by alterations in your group of friends and changes must be made. Maybe it’s your neighbors or simply a questioning of faith that forces a change to a new religious place. Prepare for a semester with changes in the profession. Search what makes you happy and brings comfort to your soul. Organize your finances and make a trust found in case of a unexpected spending. Love is not the focus but changing something in your career. Change wisely.



The eclipse of the 8th happens in your sign. It’s a complete change of identity. You look at the past and sees how you allowed abuses and how you disrespected your own limits. Now you create a strong position and you are clear on your personality. During this phase pay attention to your heart, feet and anxiety. There is a lot of change at work and eating habits. The eclipse of the 23rd shakes the 8th house and you will be transmuting for the next six months. You open space for new projects and new people. That new you from the 08th of March has a chance to confront death so life can find its place. This moment of death and life is rooted at your spirit as a great personal evolution. Make the most of this opportunity.



Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

Image Credit: NASA

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