December arrives with 4 important events: the Quadrature between Jupiter and Pluto, the exact trine between Saturn and Uranus, the retrogradation of Mercury and the return of the natural movement of Uranus. Here on Earth, we live another month in which the Laws are the" />

4 important events – Your stars for December 2016

December arrives with 4 important events: the Quadrature between Jupiter and Pluto, the exact trine between Saturn and Uranus, the retrogradation of Mercury and the return of the natural movement of Uranus. Here on Earth, we live another month in which the Laws are the fundamental theme. Society wants organization and, in all countries, there are changes in laws, taxes, rates and forms of collection. All this is necessary and fulfills the cycle that lasts until the end of 2017. The old structures are falling and, the more rigid ones, still resist. All this will be reorganized until December, 2017.

For now, we live this adaptation to the Laws and governments. The Month brings an improvement in the co-existing between old ideas and new concepts. Saturn resists change, but Uranus manages to bring the new, the unprecedented and surprising. It’s a happier end of year. Countries can talk about controversial issues. Society lowers its weapons to hear what Uranus has to say. The technological advance is remarkable this month and the digital age takes care of our lives. Being connected is a matter of survival. Those who choose to move away from social media will be out of society, will be the hermits of this new phase. Uranus needs technology and there is no trade, industry or science without the acceptance of this new digital form of thinking. Virtual friends will be on the same level as face-to-face friendships. We will rely more on smartphones, tablets and computers. World conflicts are restricted to groups. There is not much international dispute. The internal scenario is the problem of each country. Population and Government are the characters of the December disputes.
Accelerate your decision making to arrive at December 20th with everything organized. Mercury will be retrograded and communications will be stagnant. Check your debts and taxes because there will be large collections in all countries. The biggest profit of the month is again the exchange game. Who knows how to speculate better will win. We can have changes in important religious leaders. It is also the renewal of the Churches. Christmas passes in harmony and slow climate with the Waning Moon. The New Year arrives with the hopeful New Moon in Aquarius. A good omen for another year in the Age of Pisces. Another year of transformation that will take place until the year 2658 AD. Merry Christmas to all the signs with PEACE and renewed hopes throughout the Planet Earth. Namaste

Technology makes life easier in December. Love and money come through working with computers. Internet groups open up ways to meet someone interesting and to do business online. Your finances are in a good phase and there is balance in the gains and investments. Everything is well structured. Your health is good and travel plans can be modified at the last minute. You can receive a new invitation that changes your working life. Look carefully at all the details of the proposal and do not accept it after the 20th. End the year with the sense of accomplishment.

For you, December ends on the 20th. The impact of Mercury retrograde will make your year stagnate after that date. Organize your schedule and leave everything ready. Finance is going through a good time and you consolidate relationships that will bring benefits next year. The theme of the month is the work and partnerships you make. There is complete success in this regard and people value your actions. Take advantage of this phase of success to make your personal brand in the market. Health is in a good phase and love returns to stability. End the year by celebrating your personal achievements.

Career success comes from the support of your networking. Colleagues, friends and relatives bring good opportunities. Things get better by the end of the month. You have prosperity when you engage in some kind of therapeutic work, whether physical or emotional. Massages, spa, beauty, aesthetics and weight loss open paths for you in December. It is important that you study these themes yourself and rearrange your thinking. Love is unstable, but the sexual life is very active. Your year will end up full of news.

Caring for your health is key this December. It may seem difficult to withdraw from the front at the end of the year, but it is strategic. There is no energy to carry on as it is. An early leave or vacation will bring the necessary rest to plan the changes and regain your health. Your blood pressure will signal if you continue at the same pace. Love is on the rise and you attract a lot of people. Observe them well. It’s time to live a passion. The money comes from the appointment of colleagues who recognize your work. End the year by respecting your human limits.

This is the time of the year when you must give power to others. Keeping yourself king of the forest is a mistake in December. Let people around lead the month. There are delays in receiving payments, but you can meet the goals after the 21st. Health is in a good time and there are new career opportunities. When everyone is celebrating Christmas, you will be returning to work with all your heart. You produce much more in the last ten days of the month. Love goes through tense moments. Try to finish the year with harmony in the Home.

December brings tensions in love. It is very difficult to maintain a stable relationship at this stage and there are chances of break-ups. The financial and professional side is in great shape. You have great possibilities for growth and you will work hard. Everything you do now, reflects in the next year. Notice how you receive benefits after the 6th. With the profession in order, your theme is the Home. There is instability and you can have ruptures in your relationship with relatives. It is a crisis that was already in place and reaching its climax. End the year with therapies that strengthen your emotions.

You live on dead days until the 20th. It’s the stagnation that Mars generates in your sign. After that day, everything moves. Love, work and family work well again. The challenge of the month is to keep optimism during a standstill. You can understand it as a passing phase and take advantage of it to dedicate yourself to something new. There is no important professional movement, however, family themes will be in the day to day. Coping well with family breakups can be softened with a supportive therapy. After the 21st, you feel the help of Pluto that renews your finances and gives strength.

Health is at a good time and there are improvements in emotional health. This energetical support is important because your month is prosperous. There are good financial opportunities and a career change. You can stay as you are, but you will be invited to new areas. Your communication is expanded and it is easier to shorten the paths to get where you want. Family, home and work are in harmony and love takes place in the home, between friends and close people. It’s a quiet end of year.

Your month is divided into two parts. Until the 18th, you have great results in your career and in the co-existing with people in the high hierarchy. This is a good opportunity to strengthen the links for the coming year. Finance goes through a good time and love also explores new territories. You can get involved with people who have never been in your world. After the 18th, you feel the impact of Jupiter and Uranus. It is a time of recollection and greater care with your home. Avoid conflicts and pay attention to avoid minor accidents. End the year without surprises.

High health and lots of energy. December is an active month for you. Uranus delays the entry of money. Organize yourself to have everything paid until the 20th. Love is enchanting with the help of Venus. Your biggest goal is to take care of the physical body. Clothes, hair and status bring joy to your month. The spiritual world is part of your routine and there are important meetings that elevate your faith. It is a phase of independence and the focus is not on the home or personal relationships. Your greatest interest is to direct your life in your own way. End your year with the shine of success.

December tests your patience. Avoid controversy and discussion. Stay alert and fight against provocations. Health is in a stable phase. Love goes through change because you seek more depth in the relationship. Spirituality and love must walk together. Finance gets better and you can balance your spendings. After tense moments, the money finally comes back into your life. The theme of the month is the group of friends, company or University colleagues. They are the way to the good ending of the year. Solidify your group relationships and you will be at peace.

You are a true amulet in December. This month brings prosperity and luck to you and those around you. You are dynamic and full of ideas. Mars influences your attitudes and there are no barriers to reaching your goals. Career and money go very well. Health is also strengthened and you accept new challenges. Love can appear in a new environment with someone very different from you. It is your daring side that appears in December. Pay attention while driving vehicles and avoid aggression in words. End the year with this joy in leading your life in your own way.

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

Image Credit: NASA

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